Sardinia Escapes

As healthy food and lifestyle coach, as well as certified tourist guide, I'm proud to be co-founder of the

Sardinia Escapes project.


We are a team of service and customer designers, travel innovators and coaches who have a long-life passion for designing and facilitating experiences where people can improve their creative confidence.


We like to experiment with new ideas and prototype them, thinking visually and getting our hands “dirty” in many different ways. We encourage people to cultivate a growth mind-set, collaborate and learn how to reframe failure as learning, which we believe is always possibile.


We share a passion for living mindfully, nourishing our body, spirit and mind with good stuff. We love it real. Real food, real people, real feelings. We love enjoying the great outdoors and having an active lifestyle. We like some more meditative aspects of life too, including flowing with art, music, movement, silence.

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Copyright Sardinia Escapes 2016
Copyright Sardinia Escapes 2016