Intuitive Cooking

© Sardegna Blu
© Sardegna Blu

I'm an instinctive person in the kitchen, I can follow a recipe and cook like a model student, but most of all I love to experiment without recipes. I used to think that this wasn't the right method, and that I adopted this cooking style only because I was lazy. But then I realized that we all have a natural intuitive approach to food that can have a lot of positive effects on our daily life.


I call myself an "intuitive cook". I observe food, I get in touch with it with all my senses and I imagine. I imagine flavours, perfumes, dishes and eating situations! Intuitive cooking is a creative journey to unexplored destinations, it's my way to reconnect with myself, living the moment and being creative at the same time!


Forget about recipes, rediscover your senses and let them guide you on the discover of real healthy and tasty food!

Dare to experiment, don't be afraid to fail, leave your comfort zone and be proud of yourself!


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