Born and raised in Sardinia (Italy), scorpio, blonde (depending on the season), blue eyes and white skin (in Sardinia!), healthy lifestyle and hard rock music lover, my Yin and my Yang, respectively!


I am a certified macrobiotic consultant, focusing on the centenarians' lifestyle of Sardinia, my beloved island.

I studied macrobiotics in London with Simon Brown, one of the best experts in the field, author of Modern-Day Macrobiotics”, and I mix modern macrobiotics with the principles of longevity of Sardinia.


Co-founder of Sardinia Escapes, a team of professional coaches and designers that create and facilitate out of the box retreat adventures for people who love to be challenged.


After my degree in foreign languages and literatures I spent many years teaching Italian as a second language in Sardinia and abroad, working as a tourist guide and experimenting with creativity, art and food.


Creativity has always been an important part of my lifestyle. I use it in the kitchen as much as I can. Intuition is my guide and I teach how to cook tasty healthy meals without recipes.


Art is my way to unplug and energize. I range from drawing and painting, to land art and fashion.


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