Healthy Living, creativity and art made in sardinia

Cala Sisine, Baunei, Sardinia
© Sardegna Blu

The Wabi Sabi Escape (11-17 June 2017)

© Sardinia Escapes
© Sardinia Escapes


Book your retreat adventure in an enchanting venue in Gallura (Sardinia). Let your creativity flow! We'll play with food in the typical slow living atmosphere of Sardinia! Email me for more information about the retreat!

Modern-day centenarians experience

escorted by a healthy food and lifestyle coach

© Sardegna Blu
© Sardegna Blu

Sardinia is one of the most famous longevity zones of the world:

discover the ancient secrets of long life:


1 day Food Tour in Cagliari

6-day Longevity Tour of Sardinia


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